Plain Language Standard

Clarity counts when you’re accountable

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Clarity counts for business growth. Image by Micheile Henderson / Unsplash licence

Clarity, honesty, and respect all add up for a long-time WriteMark holder, Kendons Chartered Accountants.

Financial agreements can be taxing, but Kendons has found a way to communicate complex topics with clarity. They recognise that having the WriteMark on several of their key business documents supports their business need for clear communication.

Kendons’ business terms and key client letters all carry the WriteMark seal of approval for clarity. And they have done since 2012.

‘We are straight up. We believe in clarity, honesty, and respect. Making a difference for our clients is our thing.’

An ongoing commitment to keeping things clear

Kendons has recently updated their business terms to include changes in legislation. They wanted to make sure that the updated documents would still meet the WriteMark Standard. The new content covers complex topics, such as anti-money laundering and non-compliance with laws and regulations.

For the Kendons team, getting to the heart of how the changes might affect their clients is important — but so is explaining the changes as clearly and concisely as possible. Kendons also decided to use the update as an opportunity to check existing text.

The result? Kendons is proud to say that their 2021 terms and key client documents continue to carry the WriteMark — the quality mark of clear communication that shows you care.

Kendons has also championed plain language over the years as a valued sponsor of New Zealand’s Plain English Awards — they’re a company that’s walking the talk and doing good!

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